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Our management team go beyond traditional roles and responsibilities, and have a desired passion to always try new innovative designs for a better industry developments, and are constantly motivating our employees to always get the best out of them; from productivity to personal development. We create challenging and rewarding work environment while workers are given high daily quotas to meet. Our managers are always on the floor giving pointers and ensuring work is up to standard, and are always looking out for new talent through paper ads, community events, and trade schools. Potential candidates are brought in for hands-on testing, a requirement for certain trades like welding. Finally, managers train workers on corporate culture and soft skills. We love seeing workforce develop their skills and fall in love with what they’re doing.



Our managers are responsible for keeping production moving forward, regardless of current demand levels and clients overflow. This means scheduling jobs to start ahead of schedule so deadlines can be met. They also have experience with our company’s customers and their products; which informs us about developing expectations and about future demand. Palpp Trading has developed a management hands on approach and the understanding of floor equipment is also essential to keep the production running. This means knowing when to schedule maintenance and adjusting schedules to account for sudden breakdowns or issues.