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Our Company offers unrivalled project management from order received right up to commissioning by a team of highly experienced engineers with exceptional experience in the industry. Unrivalled management systems are in place to complete projects within the budget, and on time.


PALPP has one of the largest profiling departments in the country, and is capable of profiling in access of 1200 tons a month of various components of any material grade.

Detailing remains one of our company 's core competencies and a critical element of the turn key process, and to ensure fast client turnaround times. PALPP Trading employs a team of highly talented designers in the drawing department, employing the latest in computer aided design and 3D rendering softwares, capable of full concept design and 3D modelling. These talented designers also have vast experience in reverse engineering design.


Palpp Trading (Pty) Ltd believes in continual innovative development, setting the framework for a successful future. Palpp has over 15 years of heavy engineering experience and is capable of meeting any local and international standards regardless of the size of the project. We handle all project management, planning, detailing, fabrication, finishing and as well as commissioning of all projects when required.

Palpp is constantly looking for innovative solutions and processes for the industry development, for better, faster and cost effective solutions for all our clients; all the while ensuring the extraordinary level of quality they have come to expect from us. As we search for cutting edge technology, we aim to lead the industry and realise our potential as one of the leading engineering firms in Southern Africa.

Our products are top quality, our service level excellent and our prices are very competitive. We are committed to customer satisfaction. We focus on your needs and strive to be your one-stop-supplier for all your engineering piping needs. Our dedicated team will be able to provide you with the best possible advice. Our company warehouses and storages are based in all province of Southern Africa.  We have 2 storage warehouses and 3 production units around Johannesburg, which consists of a stored steel, copper, and as well as plastic pipes, a pallet manufacturing plant and a wooden Crate manufacturing facility to ensure proper storage standards.

Valves are devices that regulate, direct or control the flow of fluids (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. PALPP Trading connects an extensive range of valves that service the various fluid conveyance industries in South Africa. Every precaution is taken to ensure that products material sourced are certified and are manufactured in accordance with the relevant industry quality standards. Each valve range used by PALPP is backed by the quality and service commitment.